If You’re Stuck In A Mundane 9-6 Job With Too Little Money & Too Much Work…

Find Out How A Fellow Regular Singaporean Managed To 
Escape The “Employment Prison” Just By Sending Out Emails!

“The Email Profits Blueprint” – Leverage On A Time-Tested Email Marketing Strategy Designed To Convert Cold Leads Into Cold Hard Cash…

Works Perfectly Even If You Have Zero Experience 
In Selling Online!

By Nicholas Ting, Ex-Odd Job Worker Turned Email Marketing Strategist

Sounds unbelievable? Feeling skeptical? Is this another “scam”?

If you think that way, I don’t blame you.

After all, I felt the same as you when I started my email marketing journey around 6 years ago.

But at the time, I had nothing to lose. I told everyone that I was “in-between jobs”. A nice way of saying that I was broke, barely working and lazing around.

So despite my reservations, I took a chance on email marketing. And the rest as they say…is history.

Today, I’m making a very decent income by sending out emails for 30-60 minutes a day. That’s my full-time job.

My part-time job is imparting my email marketing knowledge to my fellow Singaporeans.
Why am I so generous? Because when I was starting out, my mentor took me under his wing and helped me without expecting anything in return.

Now that I’ve achieved a certain degree of success, it’s only right that I do the same for others.

At your “Email Advertising Masterclass”, I’ll share everything and anything you need to know about building a stable income by simply sending out emails!

It’s simple. It’s powerful. It works. For me and hundreds of my students. It can work for you too!

Here’s a snippet of what I’ll be sharing:

The Trinity Email Profits Blueprint

3 easy steps to setup, maintain and profit from a tried-and-tested, plug-and-play system. Hundreds of our students are consistently raking in 3-4 figures/mth just by doing this!

The OPM (Other People’s Money) Shortcut To Success

Why use your own money when you can leverage on other people’s? We’ll show you how to kickstart your email marketing journey…without touching a cent from your bank account.

Secrets To Building A 6-Figure Email List In Less Than 30 Days

In case you didn’t know, email marketing is all about the list. You’ll discover our trade secret on building a high quality email list from scratch, in less than 1 month.

How To Make More Money From Email Marketing Than Your Salary

Yes, I know this is a big claim. Not all my students have achieved this desirable goal…yet. But some have already quit their jobs to do this full time, and many are OTW to hitting this target. Who knows, you can be one of them too! 

The 1-Hour/Day Approach To Email Marketing

Honestly, I’m not the kind of person who can work 8-10 hours a day. Too lazy! Where got time? That’s why I specially formulated my email marketing approach to achieve results in just 1 hour/day. It may be “lazy”, but it’s super effective!

Many Other Strategies, Techniques And Insights To Perpetual Email Marketing Success

Don’t miss out on this masterclass, as I’ll be revealing all my hard-earned email marketing knowledge to you!

(Or You Can Read On Below To Discover 
Nicholas’ “Rags To Riches” Story…)

My Dad passed away in 2014. I was 41 years old back then. Considered an “old bird” already.

But the sad truth was that for 41 years, I was not really “living”. I was just coasting through life.

Like an empty shell drifting through the ocean. Going where the tide took me.

No purpose. No direction. No life.

That all changed thanks to my Dad. In his final moments, he told me (in Mandarin), “Nicholas, you’re the man of the house now. I hope you can take good care of our family. Make me proud.”

That was a simple, heartfelt and powerful wake up call. It’s time to start living. I mean, REALLY living life to the fullest…

Before that, I was working part time at McDonald’s and Changi Airport.
Don’t get me wrong. A cleaner is a honest profession, and much needed in our society.

But in terms of pay, it’s nowhere near enough.

Now that I’m responsible for my family’s well-being, I needed to do more. A LOT more.

That Was When 
I Stumbled Onto Email Marketing…

I saw an ad in the papers about an email marketing seminar (no social media ads back then!).

As mentioned above, I was skeptical. But after considering my options, I decided to give it a shot.

The next part may seem like I’m exaggerating. But I’m really not…

That seminar changed my life!
When I saw how much my mentor (and many others around the world) was making, simply by sending emails, my eyeballs nearly bulged out of my head!

It truly opened my eyes to the profit potential of email marketing. Definitely better than doing odd jobs!

Of course, it wasn’t a walk in the park. Especially at first, when I was learning the ropes.

Plenty of effort was required to familiarize, internalize and apply the system. 

I still remember those days with fondness…

Because I’ve Never Worked So Hard Ever In My Life!

Days passed. Then weeks. Then months.

It felt like forever. Since I was (and still am) a naturally lazy person. Totally not used to working so hard!

But in the end, my efforts were rewarded. I finally created a sustainable source of income via email marketing.

This has allowed me to take wonderful care of my family, and finally fulfil my Dad’s dying wish.

Today, the system I’ve setup, tweaked and refined allows me to work just 30-60 minutes a day…and still see the profits rolling in.

Not exactly “auto-pilot”, but close enough!

With my newfound freedom of time and money, I can now spend most of my days pampering my family with the quality life they deserve.

This Brings Me To The MOST IMPORTANT Part Of My Message…

There’s a reason why I’m sharing my story with you.

I want to let you know that if someone like me (ex-adult delinquent, McDonald worker, ex-computer idiot) can “make it”, so can you!

Sounds cliché, but it’s true.

That’s why I’m inviting you to my Email Advertising Masterclass.

Not because I have nothing better to do. Or that I’m out to make a quick buck.

I’m doing this because firstly, it’s my passion to teach.

Secondly, I’m giving back to the online community.

Thirdly, I truly believe I can help you.

Best of all, 2020 is the “golden age” of email marketing!

Lots of others may think that email is dead. That’s because they’re doing it wrongly.

My results, and hundreds of others, don’t lie.

Email is still one of the best newbie-friendly ways to make cold, hard cash online.

See for yourself:

One Last Thing Before You Sign Up…

This is NOT a get-rich quick scheme. This is NOT a motivational ra-ra talk. This is NOT a “feel good but learn nothing” event.

If you’re really keen to attend my Email Advertising Masterclass, be prepared to work your ass off (pardon the language). Just like I did.

Be prepared to put in tremendous effort at the start, in exchange for a lifetime of financial bliss. Just like I did.

Be prepared to put aside your understandable skepticism, and embrace a proven method that works. Just like I did.

Everything you’re going through in life now, I’ve been down that road. In fact, I was probably much worse off than you.

But through sheer hard work, I made it work. It’s really not rocket science.

So let me ask you this: Are you serious about investing in yourself to learn this profitable skill?

Think about it. I mean REALLY think about it…

If your answer is still yes (I hope it is), I’ll invest my time, expertise and knowledge with you too!

Get ready to be mind-blown, the good way, and become a master email marketer with my guidance!

I’ll see you at my Email Advertising Masterclass

To Your Future Email Marketing Success,
Nicholas Ting, Email Marketing Specialist
P.S. In case you’re still on the fence, here’s more irrefutable proof that my email strategies work for everyone. You can be my next success story!

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